10 Web Series That Took the Box Office by Storm.

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    As the saying goes, old is gold. We are going to talk about old Hindi movies whose story and everything will be fun for you. Do you know such an interesting Hindi web series? This is our today’s post on this web series that took the box office by storm. Let’s start today with some interesting web series. You won’t get bored if you watch these web series repeatedly.

    Number 10

    Miya Bibi Aur Murder story begins with the crime scene, a dead body is found in a policeman’s house and the story begins without revealing anything. The police wanted to hide the state agency by all possible means and finally tried to show how to get rid of this state agency. If you want, you can watch it on MX Player and the IMDB rating on IMDB is 6.2.

    Number 9

    The Mauka ya Dhokha series is the best. The story of the serial starts with suspense and crime activity. A married husband wants to kill his own wife, but before he can kill his wife someone else kills her and the story starts from here. The whole series tries to solve this murder mystery. The rating of this web series on IMDb is 8.2. In Hungama, you can watch the original.

    number 8

    Charitraheen is also a crime thriller web series. This web series shows a woman who loves both her boyfriend and her husband. But in the end, what is in store for this woman you will find out by watching this series. You can watch the series online in Hoichoi OTT platform if you want. The rating of this web series on IMDB is five out of ten.

    Number 7

    The Mandaar series is the best for Action Thriller Activity. Full web series Story Open-ended. In a small town where only the owner and the police dominate. But in the meantime, there is also a family that wants to overcome all this and reach the last level to be the best. An attempt has been made to show how the family survives despite so many obstacles. If you want to watch this full episode, you can watch it on Jio Movies. This web series has a rating of 7.6 on IMDb.

    number 6

    The apharan web series is the best action thriller and crime series. The story begins with Inspector Rudra. That is called kidnapping. The inspector kidnaps his target but suddenly he comes to know that the person he kidnapped is dead. An attempt has been made to show how the inspector tries to prove his innocence by any means and how he proves right in the end. If you want, you can watch this series on Jio Cinema, which has a rating of 8.3 on IMDb.

    Number 5

    Undekhi. The story of the series begins with Papa Ji. He is very rich, but in the meantime, a wedding ceremony is held at his house. Suddenly Papaji shoots a dancer and the story starts from here. The police want to catch Papaji no matter what. It has been tried to prove whether he succeeds in diffusing Babaji or not. If you want, you can watch the full series of this web series only on SONY LIV. IMDB is 7. 9/10.

    Number 4

    The ashram website is shrouded in mystery. This web series describes the story of an ashram where many illegal activities are taking place. The whole series revolves around whether the police finally succeeded in exposing these illegal activities of the ashram. You must watch the above web series to know what kind of illegal activities are going on in the ashram and what kind of action the police take against them. This web series was released on MX Player and has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB.

    Number 3

    Dhahanam is a web series about a small village where a landlord and some ruling leaders are hiding. But in the meantime, there are some revolutionaries who want to bring peace to the village by killing them, and in the end they succeed. To know this, you have to watch this series. The series is released in MX Player and the IMDB rating of this web series is 6.3.

    number 2

    Dr. Arora is a comedy and drama-based web series. A doctor who is an occult specialist receives many patients who come to him for treatment. But this doctor ran a great danger in his career. And throughout this web series, it has been proven how he got out of that trouble. If you want you can watch more series of this complete web series on Sony Liv. This web series has an IMDB rating of 7.1/10.

    Number 1

    Mastram is a drama and comedy-based web series. The story of this series starts with a writer who was doing well at the beginning, but suddenly he starts writing something that makes him very popular and how naturally the characters are portrayed in reality will be known only after watching the series. If you want to watch the entire web series, you can watch it at MX Player. Mastram This entire web series has an IMDB rating of 7.2/10.

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