Battle of the Sitas: Social Media Star Anjali Arora Takes on Bollywood Veteran Sai Pallavi in Dueling Ramayan Films

    Arora and Pallavi
    Arora and Pallavi PC- Social Media

    Very happy news for movie lovers! Let’s analyze the upcoming film adaptation of Ramayana. These two movies have been made with different points of view of two famous directors. Those who highlight the main points of Ramayana are different.

    Tale of Two Branches

    Ramayana, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, is played by talented actor Ranbir Kapoor. The beautiful Sai Pallavi plays the role of Sita. On the other hand, popular stars on social media.

    Anjali Arora makes her debut as Sita in Abhishek Singh’s Sri Ramayana Katha.

    Arora’s journey to Sita

    In a recent interview, Arora expressed her deep gratitude for landing this role. She candidly described her initial nervousness after learning about the competitive situation in response to the casting. She revealed that the director told her that there are many talented actresses for this role. Despite the stiff competition, Arora’s unique qualities impressed the makers and she was finally selected to act in Sita’s role.

    Arora accepts the challenge of playing the role of Sita.

    Moreover, Rashi spares no effort to play her role. She observes the performance of previous actors as Sita. Moreover, she gave her all to the acting workshop to give her best for this role. Arora feels that the director has seen a special talent in her, which can bring out the true form of Sita on screen. Arora also said, “For this film, I have been immersing myself in film, drama lessons, and rigorous acting training for the past few days. I am determined that Sita will give a good performance to the audience while maintaining her dignity.”

    New Experiments in the Acting Scenario.

    Though both films are based on the original story, Arora knows that his performance will definitely be compared to Sai Pallavi’s Ramayana. But she doesn’t take it negatively. Rather, seeing it as an opportunity to act alongside an experienced actress. “It is an honor to be compared to a great actress. It will motivate me to improve my acting,” Arora said with confidence.


    Arora believes that thanks to her hard work and dedication, her performance will leave an impression in everyone’s mind. And decades of her performance should be free.

    From viral star to big screen!

    Aurora quickly became popular with some mesmerizing dance videos and the popular reality show “Lock Up.” she knows that people will come to the movies with an idea of how they see him on social media. But the public’s opinion can’t be controlled, she admits. But she will insist on acting for real.

    “I can’t decide how people will see me,” she said. “But my goal is to play Sita with 100 percent heart. My appearance on social media doesn’t match my acting ability and doesn’t affect my performance.” No.”


    Nitesh Tiwari’s “Ramayan” not only has the central character but also a wonderful set of co-actors. The beautiful Sai Pallavi plays the role of Sita alongside Kapoor’s Ram. It is heard that southern superstar Yash will play the role of Khal in Ramayan, and Sunny Deol will play the role of Hanuman. Also, there are reports that Bobby Deol and Vijay Sethupathi are in talks to play the roles of Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan respectively. It is even rumored that the legendary Amitabh Bachchan will play the role of King Dasaratha, but this is yet to be confirmed.

    Two wonderful movies are in the offing for movie lovers, where Sita will be played by two hot actresses (Arora and Pallavi)! Only time will tell if Arora’s dedication and Pallavi’s expertise will bring the immortal Ramayana story to the screen in a new and enchanting way and win the hearts of the audience!