Arbaaz Khan got married for the second time in front of his own son, along with Bhaijan Salman Khan of Bollywood and many others were present at the wedding.

    Arbaaz Khan got married
    Arbaaz Khan got married Pc-Social

    Finally, the wedding bell rang at Bollywood’s brother Salman Khan’s sister house. Yes, that’s right, but the marriage is not Salman Khan’s. It’s Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan. Today the wedding of Arbaaz Khan and Soora Khan was completed. Let’s know something about this marriage.

    Arbaaz Khan got married with Surah khan
    Arbaaz Khan got married to Surah Khan PC-Social

    The marriage of Arbaaz Khan and Soora Khan was featured in a news story in the Hindustan Times. Although Arbaaz Khan and Soora Khan did not say anything in public about this marriage. But beyond all speculations and imaginations, today they have completed the work of marriage as a family.

    Harbaz Khan was divorced for 17 years. Arbaaz Khan married Malika in 1998. Arbaaz Khan was forced to break up with Malika in 2017 due to Malika and Arjun’s love story. Malaika Arora did not seek this issue in the media at first, but later in 2019, she spoke about her love affair with Akira in front of the media.

    Arbaaz Khan and Soora Khan have been on the top list of news headlines and social media for several days. People and netizens have discussed and criticized this issue a lot when their news appeared in Hindustan Time news. At that time, many people laughed at them, but many people wished them all the best for their new life.

    Arbaaz Khan’s marriage was completed today, December 25, 2023. Sura Khan’s family was present at the wedding along with all the members of Arbaaz Khan were present at this wedding.

    Arbaaz and Sura Khan’s wedding clothes got a lot of attention. Arbaaz Khan is seen in sherwani and shoes. And just on the other side, Sura Khan is seen in a very beautiful wedding lehenga in the picture. Soora Khan looked very beautiful in her wedding lehenga. Salman Khan was present at the wedding. Salman Khan was seen in an ash colored Punjabi at the wedding. Arbaaz Khan’s son Arhaan Khan was also present at the wedding. Arbaaz Khan’s son Arhaan Khan wore a black sherwani.

    Rabina Tandon and her daughter Basar, Ritesh, Genelia, her father Abbas Siddiqui, Farhan, Sajid Khan and many others were present among the industry friends.

    Arbaaz Khan spoke with Sura Khan ai Arbaaz khan’s new film partner Shukla on the set. Arbaaz and Sura fell in love from there and then within a few months that love affair turned into marriage.