Finally, the married Sanai is going to live at Bollywood brother Salman Khan’s house || Is Shah Rukh Khan losing out to Prabash’s SALAAR?

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    Finally, the married Sanai is going to live at Bollywood brother Salman Khan’s house. At the end of this year, that is, 2023. The wedding ceremony will be held at the house of Khan Saheb. This kind of information appeared in the Indian media Hindustan Time. But Salman’s fans have no reason to be happy. Because Salman Khan is not erasing the bachelor Bhaijaan’s name so easily. In fact, Salman Khan’s brother, Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan is getting married. Arbaaz Khan is finally getting remarried after a long divorce. Actor Arbaaz Khan has been divorced from Bollywood actress Malaika Arora for a long time.

    Then he was in a relationship with Georgia Andrei for a long time. After this relationship did not last long. He was single for almost a long time. Now his mind feels the touch of new spring. The latest news is that Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan is in a relationship with Bollywood makeup artist Soora Khan.

    They fell in love while working together on partner Chokla set. Now they decided to get married. Although they have not said anything so far, they have decided to get married. Arbaaz Khan got married to Malaika in 1998. In 2017, the actor ended his marriage with Malaika. They were in 17-year-old marige relationship together.

    Rumors spread that Arbaaz Khan ended his relationship with Malaka due to Bollywood actor Arjun’s love affair with Malika. After breaking up with Arbaaz Khan in 2019, Malaika end her 17-year marriage due to her love story with Arjun. That’s why Arbaaz Khan, the brother of our Bollywood brother, was single. So this time he found a new partner in his life.

    Currently, there is a lot of buzz about their news on social media. Abbas and Sura news are trending on all social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Through this, many discussions and criticisms are being heard on social networks through netizens. Some are congratulating him on his new married life and others are laughing about it.

    Still, through this, Arbaaz Khan and Sura Khan are preparing to bring a new relationship . Later this year, if there are no problems the two are going to start a new life.

    Is Shah Rukh Khan losing out to Prabash’s SALAAR?

    2023 is the best year for the Indian box office. At the end of the year, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan gave one last big gift to his audience. Yes, I got it from you, I am talking about the movie Danki. Throughout this year 2023, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan emerged victorious in the entire film industry.

    After spending a long period of four long years. In 2023 he appeared in front of his fans. But later this year, Shah Rukh Khan’s new film Danki and southern superstar Prabhas’ new film Salaar are fighting each other. But will Shahrukh be able to lose this time? Let’s discuss the matter a bit.

    It’s not just Shah Rukh Khan and South industry superstar Prabhas who are fighting. There is a hot fight going on between the fans of these two superstars on social media. There is a lot of speculation and fantasy about which movie SALAAR or DANGKI will dominate the box office later this year.

    India’s worldwide box office 2023 is witnessing Bollywood’s audience. Be it Bollywood or Southern cinema every year keeps the fans enthralled with new movies. Superstars of Southern cinema and Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas, hint at continuing the trend later this year. Shah Rukh Khan’s new film Danki and Salaar, the superstar of southern cinema Prabhas have hit the big screen. Audience presence was noticed in front of the hall since noon.

    The southern states of India will have a slightly different venue for Salar due to the presence of visitors. South superstar prabhas appeared in the action-packed film SALAAR directed by Prashant Neel. Many trade experts say that Prabha’s new film SALAAR got more masks in Kerala than Danki. This happened not only in Kerala, but all over South India. Shahrukh Khan’s film Danki was not allowed to enter the four southern states to avoid Shahrukh’s madness. Advance tickets for SALAAR have been selling at a tremendous rate in these four states.

    South Superstar Prabhas beat Shahrukh Khan’s film in four southern states – Kerala, Tamil, Andhra Pradesh and Kannada before the film’s release. After the success of Pathan and Jaawan, Shah Rukh Khan returned to Donkey with his comedy character. But the Rajkumar Heerneed-directed film Danki could not show much shine at the box office in these four states of India.