Did Guruji Ask Badshah to Rap or Sing? Hilarious Misunderstanding on The Great Indian Kapil Show!

    Badshah & Kapil Sharma
    Badshah & Kapil Sharma PC- Social

    Get ready to LOL! The upcoming episode of The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show has some super funny stuff lined up for you, including Badshah, Divine, and Karan Aujla. These guys are promoting their new album, Ek Tha Raja. Still, the real highlight might be Badshah’s funny story about his meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    Remember those Zoom calls during lockdown? Kapil Sharma recalls a similar one he had with Badshah. A familiar friend had got them to connect with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We thought we could ask him some questions.

    They had no idea the conversation would take a hilarious turn. Kapil shares that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar asked Badshah to sing a song. Now, here’s where it gets interesting! Badshah, the rap king, started singing one of his songs. Imagine the scene: a rapper singing for a spiritual guru! But that’s not all. After Badshah finished his rap, Sri Sri Shankar, unfamiliar with the genre, said, “Now sing it for us!”


    But wait, there’s more! Badshah, the performer, decided to show off his skills. He changed gear and did an Independence Day rap. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was impressed this time, but the request was the same: “Now sing it!” This is the classic case of the generation gap between a spiritual guru and a rapper.

    Suppose you don’t know Badshah’s music, who blends Indian pop, hip-hop, rap, and synth-wave. Saturday Saturday, Proper Patola, DJ Wale Babul, Mercy, Genda Phool, Paani Paani, and Gone Girl are just a few of his many hits.

    The episode also shows off singer Karan Aujla’s songwriting skills. Kapil Sharma reveals, “Diljit Dosanjh’s superhit song ‘Goat’ was written by Karan in 10 minutes only!” Wow!

    Kapil adds a funny one here, comparing this to how we judge the quality of tea served quickly. We ask ourselves if it’s properly brewed or just reheated. Karan waited a few hours before sending the song to Diljit. He wanted to avoid seeming like someone who chucks out hits in a minute!

    So, when? Mark it! The Great Indian Kapil Show with Badshah, Divine, Karan Aujla, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is on Netflix this Saturday. Watch out!