From Helpless to Champion: Kartik Aaryan’s Inspiring Journey to Chandu Champion

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    Bollywood superstar Karthik Aaryan is all set for his most challenging role yet. The Bollywood actor plays India’s first Paralympic gold medalist, Murlikant Petkar, in his upcoming film “Chandu Champion.” But before becoming a champion, Aryan had to overcome his shooting problems. Since the early days of Bollywood, this actor felt helpless for being a unique actor. Still, his hard work has given him confidence for his upcoming film “Chandu Champion.” He worked hard to transform himself into the character in this movie.

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    Impotence in brilliant art:

    Aryan’s current success in Bollywood was not full of roses on the red carpet. During the trailer launch of “Chandu Champion,” she candidly admitted that during her early days in the industry, she was experiencing moments of inauthenticity while shooting for the film. She acknowledges that feeling powerless is a normal part of everyone’s journey. But her unwavering spirit and her parents’ hard work have given her the inspiration for her current success.

    Learning from the struggle:

    Despite the challenge, Ariane insists he will not draw from his experience. He believes wrestling has made him the actor he is today and paved the way for unique opportunities like “Chandu Champion.” Had his journey in Bollywood been straightforward from the beginning, he may not have been so successful in films like “Chandu Champion.”

    Becoming a Chandu Champion: a transformation of body and mind:

    Playing the role of Murlikant Petkar required a lot of work beyond Aryan’s acting. He went through a drastic physical change. For his body transformation, he abstained entirely from sugar. In addition, he had been exercising for more than a year, following a strict diet. This hard work indicates Petkar’s immense respect for the story and the aspect of bringing the characters in the story to life.

    A story of resilience: the inspiration behind Chandu Champion:

    ‘Chandu Champion’ is not just a film but a biopic of Murlikant Petkar. A true champion who defied limitations. Ariane himself was initially skeptical, overwhelmed by the obstacles Petkar faced. The film ‘Chandu Champion’ will also reflect Petkar’s adverse aspects.

    From doubt to determination:

    Despite initial doubts, directors Kabir Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala were interested in bringing the character to the big screen. Aryan was their first choice for the project. Aryan said at the time, “It is a privilege for her to be able to play such a character and she feels proud. She also called it the most difficult project she has ever done.” The film will hit the big screens on June 14.