Ira Khan Haldi Function: Now Kiran Rao was seen in Marathi look at Ira Khan’s Haldi function. Is Amir Khan preparing for a new biopic?

    Kiran Rao & Amir Khan
    Kiran Rao & Amir Khan PC- Instagram

    Bollywood perfectionist Ami Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is getting married this week. Ira Khan got engaged with Nupur Shikre. The wedding date for both is set for January 3, 2024.

    Kiran Rao in Ira Khan’s Haldi role:

    Several media outlets claim that Ira Khan will be getting married early this week. Ira Khan’s Haldi function is being held in New Delhi. And this time there is no end to Aamir Khan’s happiness. All the wedding ceremonies have started like this. Recently Ira Khan’s Haldia ceremony was completed. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao was seen attending the event. The video of which is currently going viral on social media. Ira Khan was very happy to see Kiran Rao at her Haldi ceremony. Apart from this, many discussions are taking place on social media about Kiran Rao’s presence at Ira Khan’s Haldia event.

    Kiran Rao’s Marathi look at Ira Khan’s Haldia event.

     The video of Kiran Rao appearing in a purple saree at Ira Khan’s yellow event, shared on the social media platform Instagram, is gaining views. Kiran wears this saree in Maharashtrian style. Not only that, she looks very beautiful in this traditional dress. With this traditional dress, she did not forget to wear flowers in her hair and bangles in her hands. Kiran Rao’s fans on the internet have been heaping praises on seeing her in such traditional Indian attire at Ira Khan’s wedding.

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    Aamir Khan’s Riaz for an hour, Is he preparing for a new biopic?

    Aamir Khan is currently learning classical music with a music teacher. This Bollywood star practices for an hour every day. It is believed that “Mogul” may have some connection behind it.

    Aamir Khan is known as Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist. No matter what role he plays, the camera always captures him perfectly. He is absolutely adept at adapting to any role. This Bollywood star is always dedicated to that role to be perfect in any movie while working in any role. Be it Mahavir Singh’s role in Bollywood blockbuster “Dangal” or Sanjay Sinhania’s role in the movie “Ghajni”, he wants all his roles to be perfect in front of the camera.

    His song learning is linked to this image that is currently going viral on social media.

    He is currently learning classical music for an hour every day with a teacher. It is seen that he does not show any reluctance in his practice. Moreover, he does not offer a single amount or discount to devote time to regular practice every day. Seeing his classical music practice, it can be assumed that he is going to work on a new biopic. It is believed that he is preparing for Gulshan Kumar’s biopic ‘Mogul’.

    This time Aamir Khan produced the film.

    After the failure of his last film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’, he took a break from acting for several days. He is not even seen on social media. But now he is going to produce the film after taking a break from the acting world. The movie is titled Lahore 1947. Sunny Dewal will play the lead role in this movie. There are speculations that Aamir Khan might be in the film. Rajkumar Santoshi is directing the movie. However, so far there has been no official announcement about this movie.