Rasmika Mandana and Vijay Devarakonda are preparing for the engagement without paying attention to the astrologer’s words.

    Rasmika Mandana and Vijay Devarakonda
    Rasmika Mandana and Vijay Devarakonda PC- InstagramInstagram

    Rasmira and Vijay’s love story has been making headlines in various media for a long time, but both have denied it many times. But most of all, both are preparing for the marriage. Rasmika and Vijay will get engaged in the second week of February.

    Though their rumors of dating are always visible on social media and in various news headlines, they have never publicly acknowledged it. When asked about their rumored romance, both of them always said that they are very good friends with each other. And they are a good match in the movie world.

    Both of them were introduced through the movie Geeta Govindam. While working in the film, their relationship with each other became deeper. At that time they fell in love with each other. But this couple never said they were in love. The closeness of their relationship has always caught everyone’s attention on social media and on various occasions.

    During an interview on a private channel talk show, Benu said that everyone knows that Rasmika and Vijay are in a relationship. He also said that both of them are getting married. However, it was predicted that Rasmika and Vijay’s relationship would not last long if they got married. But Rasmika and Vijay are preparing for engagement without paying attention to these words.

    Rasmika and Vijay’s family accepted their love story. It is said that Vijay and Rashmika’s engagement will take place in the second week of February. The families of both have not commented anything in the media. There are also those who have celebrated Diwali at the same time in the family of the two. Recently, a phone conversation between Rasmika and Vijay during the promotion of the movie Animal went viral on social media. Fans can understand that Rasmika and Vijay’s conversation during the phone conversation is still one of love.

    The actor and the actress shared pictures of their vacation in Maldives on social media. It has also been said in various media that they have been in a live-in relationship for so long.

    Currently, this actress has achieved the biggest success in the acting world in 2023. The hit movie Animal in which she acted has the highest box office record. And this actress is still enjoying success. Moreover, this actress will be acting in the movie Pushpa 2: Da Rule. Rasnika Mandana, the actress in the movie South Intercity, will play the first role of Pushpa in the movie.

    The actress, who was highly praised for her heroine role in the movie Animal, also said that these movies are the driving force of the film family. It is also believed that this actress may work as a heroine in actor Vijay’s upcoming film Family Star. Apart from this, she played the female lead in the movie The Girlfriend.

    When Rasmika and Vijay were asked about their love, Rasmika said that both of them are very good friends. We both love working together and also love hanging out with friends. But social media and news headlines constantly make us question love and marriage. In addition, she also said that she and Vijay along with 10 other friends celebrated the New Year in New York this year.