OMG! Sidharth Malhotra Faked an Accident to Get Alia Bhatt’s Attention (You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!)

    Sidharth Malhotra & Alia Bhatt
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    Siddharth Malhotra’s hilarious accident: fakes an accident to impress Alia Bhatt!

    Remember Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt’s sizzling chemistry in “Student of the Year”? Fans were in awe of their on-screen romance, and rumors abounded that sparks had also been flying off-screen. Well, a recent revelation from Siddharth himself confirms that they were indeed an item and involved a hilarious moment!

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    Siddharth and Alia’s journey into the glamorous world of Bollywood began with Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’ award. Their undeniable on-screen connection generated speculation of a blossoming romance, and rumors of them dating soon became a hot topic on social media. Their sizzling chemistry in “Kapoor & Sons” added fuel to the fire.

    “Embarrassing” incident on the sets of Kapoor & Sons.

    During the shooting of “Kapoor & Sons” in the picturesque hill station of Coonoor, Siddharth decided to leave the car and go for a motorcycle ride with his production EP. He later admitted on the talk show “No Filter Neha” that the decision stemmed from the teenage thought, “Avi bohot ho gaya, gadi mein nahi jaana.”

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    When flirting goes wrong (ridiculously wrong!).

    As they used a motorcycle, Alia and director Shakun Batra followed them in a car. Alaya and Shakun ask them to be careful about their safety in the mountainous region. However, ever charming (or maybe a little misguided!), Siddharth came up with a “brilliant” idea to impress Alia.

    Full Bollywood drama!

    Picture this: Siddharth and his EP dramatically stop at a curve, stop the bike, and strategically lie down on the ground next to it. Yes, you read that right: they fake an accident! Their purpose? To evoke a reaction from Alia, a damsel in distress in classic Bollywood style.

    Tears, laughter and relief!

    The plan, however, backfired spectacularly. Seeing them lying on the ground, Shakun and Aaliya stopped, worried about a genuine accident. Believing the worst, Aaliya burst into tears! Siddharth, seeing her desperate attempt to get attention as a cause of genuine distress, quickly breaks his temper and assures them that it is a joke.

    A lesson learned (hopefully!).

    While the incident shocked everyone a bit, it also brought a lot of laughs in retrospect. Siddharth himself admits that he felt terrible seeing Alia cry and admits that perhaps there were better ways to get her attention (“At least payar to mila, koi to roega jab up jaoge”).

    Where are they now?

    Siddharth and Alia haven’t shared a screen since “Kapoor & Sons,” but their careers are blossoming. Siddharth recently starred in “Jodha,” while Alia has a busy schedule with upcoming films like “Love and War” and a spy thriller with YRF Productions.

    This amusing anecdote from the sets of “Kapoor & Sons” gives us a glimpse of the lighter moments that happen even under the stress of filmmaking. It also serves as a reminder that sometimes the most genuine connections are made through shared experiences, even those that begin with a slightly dangerous attempt at flirting!